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My adventures in computer programming

Node.js on a Raspberry Pi

I worked for a theatre company that wanted to use a projector mounted inside a 3D structure attached to a zipline that floats above the audience. One long cable for power and another long ethernet cable were attached to the ‘pod’. Inside the pod was a projector, a convex mirror in the shape of a cross-section of a sphere, and a raspberry pi. From our technician booth our interactive artist sent live visuals controlled and created by visual programmings software VVVVV to the projector. Read more →

HTML Tables

I have spent time developing tables on the web for radio stations who want to display their weekly schedule. In these tables, some shows span varying time slots - a half hour, one hour, two hours, etc. - and some shows repeat 5 days a week, while some are once a week only. This means a standard table - of an equal number of cells in each row, and in each column - does not suffice. Read more →

Learning Hugo

I needed to rebuild my business site for Bike Spoke Studios. In the past I had been using a home-made static site written entirely in HTML, CSS and Javascript. It was a bit clunky, and looked like it was from the 1990’s. I liked the GIF I used as a logo (a model of an old steam engine), but other than that, I knew it needed updating. Most of all I wanted something that would look good on mobile. Read more →