David Parker

Software Engineer and Educator


I am a software engineer, educator and artist based in Kingston, Ontario. I love problem-solving and meeting the challenges of running a web development and technology business. I enjoy working closely with other people to build systems that match their visions and needs. I work as an educator teaching software engineering and web development using full-stack tools (React, Node, PostgreSQL). Since 2014, I have been running my own company as a web developer and system administrator, working for non-profits, radio stations, schools, and artists. I am a full-stack web developer, artist, and sysadmin for hire.

Work Experience

Software Engineering Educator

Thinkful, Inc | 2018 - Present

Helped adult students change careers to become web developers by teaching and principles and best practices of software engineering, programming,and DevOps. Taught curriculum to students on building and maintaining progressive web applications using React, Node, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Javascript, APIs, HTML and CSS.

  • 1-on-1 Mentoring: explaining concepts, coaching students, paired programming.
  • Technical Coach: text-based support for programming questions and troubleshooting.
  • Group Session Host: Hosted office hours and Q & A sessions.

Software Developer

Bike Spoke Studios | 2013 - Present

Created a web development and design business. Communicated with clients about their requirements, timelines, deliverable items, and billing. Met and consulted with clients, managed deadlines and responsibilities. Learned new technologies as needed to complete projects.

  • Created front-end epplications wit interactive maps for clients using Google Maps API.
  • Created front-end interfaces including directory searching and filtering using third-party APIs, jQuery and JS.
  • Created design-focused layouts and responsive sites using CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap and templating languages (Liquid).

Freelance Web Developer and System Administrator

CFRC Radio | 2014 - Present

Developed media functions for client’s website including a dynamic programming schedule, audio archives and media streaming (PHP, Javascript). Built a new Linux server for audio streaming, archiving, networked file sharing, SSL. Worked on-call to troubleshoot IT-related issues. Installed an emergency alert broadcast system.

System Administrator

CKUT Radio-McGill | Jan - Sept 2016

Managed IP networks, VOIP phone system and Asterix phone server, multiple servers for databases, backups and network file sharing. Communicated with staff from all departments to troubleshoot issues pertaining to digital music library, software, routing, workstation maintenance, RAID server maintenance and repair.


Movement and Digital Media

Arduino, Embedded Computing

I collaborated with a circus and dance artist to create a piece of art that used microprocessors attached to the mover’s body, which sent wireless data to my control software to manipulate a soundscape. We analyzed movement data produced by 3D sensors including accelerometers, gyroscopes and a compass attached to the artist’s body. I designed and built different prototypes using various microprocessors (Arduino, Synapse, X-Osc).

Interactive Set Design

Conducting Ink, Interactive Painting

A client employed me as a sound designer and interaction designer for a unique 1-on-1 theatrical performance experience. Part of the interaction design used a small computer chip on the back of a painting that I created with conductive paint. When a user touched the paint on the canvas, it sent an electrical pulse to the microprocessor, and played back a piece of audio. We called it the “talking painting”.

Node Server

Raspberry Pi, Node.JS

I worked with a team that installed a Raspberry Pi into a remote set piece in a theatre show that needed control to turn on/off and run a projector. I wrote a Node.JS program to listen for web connections from the technician, and process commands to ping the projector and turn on/off.



  • 2014 · Moldable Focus and Context Displays


Music, Circus and Theatre Arts, Philosophy, Gardening